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Avoiding colds

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Humans have healing energy

by Jose Luis Romero

     People sometimes ask if there are any mental techniques you can use to help you avoid catching colds and succumbing to the flu.
     Yes there are. I will give you a couple of techniques that you can use. First, let me tell you about some scientific research.
     You may recall a researcher named Cleve Backster who connected a polygraph -- a "lie detector" -- to a plant, and discovered that when he decided to burn one of the plant's leaves, the plant panicked. He didn't burn the leaf, but just made a decision to do so.
     In the three decades since that first experiment, Backster has demonstrated repeatedly that our thoughts and emotions affect any living matter in the environment...including your own white cells.
     When you, or someone near you, think good, positive thoughts, your cells relax and function correctly. When you are upset and experiencing negative emotions, your cells exhibit a panic reaction, and do not function properly.
     So you can see how important it is to maintain a positive, stress free attitude, and surround yourself with positive people who support you.
     Further proof comes from a Canadian research scientist named Bernard Grad. He presented the findings of some of his scientific research at a conference a few years back held in Washington, D.C., and sponsored jointly by the Mind Science Foundation and Silva International, the organization that promotes Jose Silva's mind training systems.
     Dr. Grad had been working with a healer who could actually use the "laying on of hands" to heal wounds and illnesses in laboratory mice. The healer could also use the energy radiating from his hands to make plants grow faster. He could simply hold a container of water in his hands, and program that water to speed the growth of plants.
     So Dr. Grad decided to conduct an experiment with people who had never exhibited any healing ability. He had a control -- a container of water that nobody touched -- and water held by three different people:
     One person, Mr. B., "has a passion for plants and is able to make them grow and thrive," Dr. Grad said.
     "The other two people were depressive patients in the hospital where I worked. I had obtained permission from their doctors to give them each a bottle to hold, during which time the bottle was to be in a brown paper bag as part of the multiblind system of the experiment."
     The depressed man was afraid that he was going to be given more electric shock treatments. But the depressed woman became enthusiastic about participating in an experiment.
     "This upset me, because I didn't want her to become enthusiastic. In fact, I chose her for the experiment just for the opposite reasons. I decided we would just go ahead with the experiment.
     "When I came back half an hour later she was faithfully holding the bottle, somewhat like a mother holding a child, in a kind of cradling fashion. I didn't know what to make of all of this but I was going to see what would happen in any case."
     The plants watered with the water held by Mr. B, the man with a passion for plants, grew much faster than the plants watered with the control water that nobody handled.
     The plants watered with the woman's water did not grow that rapidly, but outperformed the control group.
     The plants watered with the water held by the man who was afraid of getting more electric shock treatments grew much more slowly than any of the others.
     "There are quite a few implications arising from this study. Perhaps the most critical implication of all is the fact that it says that anybody handling any material imparts to that material something that bears a relation to his emotional state.
     "Then there is the relationship of a mother to cooking," he added. "She has a responsibility there."
     In other words, make sure that whoever is preparing your food is in a good, positive mood.
     There is one other factor that is important.
     Jose Silva learned during his research that the space surrounding the planet earth is vibrating at 10 cycles per second. Scientists do not know the origin, but they suspect it to be in the depths of the universe.
     It has been found that people who function at 10 cycles per second brain frequency increase or strengthen the immune system.
     In research studies, it has been found that hospital patients who meditate daily for a 15 minute period recover faster than those who don't.
     So in addition to positive thinking and surrounding yourself with positive, optimistic people, you can also strengthen your immune mechanism by practicing dynamic meditation. Relax, close your eyes, and count backwards slowly from 100 to 1, and you will be giving your body a chance to relax, and you'll be strengthening your immune system.

Originally published in New Living Magazine

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