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Your energy affects everything around you

By Jose Luis Romero

     Your body radiates many different kinds of energies. These energies are part of your "aura," and include electrical pulsations from your brain that can be detected by an EEG, heat from your body that can be detected by infrared instruments that can "see" where you've been after you've gone, magnetic fields, and more.

     These energies affect everything you come into contact with. You lead a record of yourself in everything in your environment.

     Detecting this stored information is known as the science of psychometry.

     An understanding of psychometry can help you select the ideal health club to work out in, and can also help you in selecting exercise gear.

     To gain a better understanding of how psychometry works, let's look into how things around us work.

     Everything that exists vibrates. Everything that exists has a fundamental frequency. The frequency is determined by the composition of the elements in the atoms, and the atoms in the molecules.

     The total sum of atoms in a specific type of matter determines the fundamental frequency of that type of matter.

     Everything is affected by light.

     When light comes into contact with an object, we have the fundamental frequency of the object, and we have the fundamental frequency of light. When the two collide, we end up with four frequencies:

     1. The fundamental frequency of the object

     2. The fundamental frequency of light

     3. We also have the sum of the two, and

     4. The difference of the two.

     With our physical senses we are able to detect the difference of the two, which is reflected. What is reflected is what we detect with our physical senses.

     The sum of the two is what is absorbed. We are able to detect what is absorbed with our subjective senses, our intuitive senses.

     What is reflected is affected by other reflections, by other energies.

     What is absorbed is pure.

     Now what do you think is the best information for you to sense:

     Information with your physical senses, or

     Information with your subjective senses?

     The information that is absorbed is pure.

     The information that is absorbed is the information that you would like to use to help you in decision making.

     Now we know that everything vibrates.

     We sense information from the vibrations of an object.

     The vibrations from your aura -- the various energies that radiate from your brain and body - penetrate objects within your presence, and affect the internal vibrations of objects within your aura range.

     Your body radiation charges up the objects with your own frequencies.

     When you touch an object, your vibrations penetrate the object and it becomes an extension of you.

     Any time later, when someone touches the object, and desires to obtain information, that person can obtain information from those vibrations in the object.

     You can use psychometry to help you practice to develop your intuition.

     You can also use psychometry to help you do whatever you do better.

     If you want to be a better cook, use implements that were used by a great cook.

     If you want to be a great carpenter, use tools that belonged to a great carpenter.

     Many musicians have a favorite instrument.

     Here's how to use psychometry to help you develop your intuition:

     You can have friends bring you objects from people they know, and write down a description of the people: The color of their hair, color of their eyes, complexion, maybe their height and weight.

     Hold the object in the palm of your left hand and decide what information you would like to detect. Then, close your eyes, relax, and desire to detect that information.

     Usually the information that you perceive immediately is the correct information.

     Once you finish, compare your answers with the information that was provided to you.

     This will help you to gain confidence, and to establish points of reference that you are doing the right thing.

     On average, an untrained person, when guessing, will be correct one out of five times.

     On average, a good psychic will be correct four out of five times.

     Once you have determine that you are correct more than one out of five times, then you are on your way to developing better intuition.

     To use psychometry to select the ideal place for working out, go into the room in question, sit down, close your eyes and relax, and notice how you feel. Do you feel the way you want to feel when you are working out -- energized, positive, optimistic, focused? If so, this could be the ideal place for you.

     Try different health clubs and notice the different feelings that you get, depending on where you are.

     And when somebody that you admire - somebody who has achieved outstanding results from working out - is ready to throw out an old piece of workout gear, tell them that you will take care of it for them. Their vibrations can help you achieve better results yourself.

Originally published in New Living Magazine

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