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recorded by Jose Silva
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Jose Silva, the world's Number 1 researcher in the field of the mind and human potential, and founder of the Silva Mind Control Method, the UltraMind ESP System, and Jose Silva's Holistic Faith Healing System
Jose Silva, Founder
Ecumenical Society of Psy

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A message from Jose Silva

Dear Holistic Faith Healer:

     Good health is the foundation of good life. Without good health, you will not be as productive as you could be, you cannot be there for your family the way you want to be, and you won't enjoy all the goodness that life has to offer.

     The better your health, the more energy you will have to solve problems and improve conditions for yourself and your loved ones.

     To insure that people remain healthy, it is essential that there be a healer in every home.

     If I could, I would come and perform that service for you. But there are too many homes. And unfortunately, there are too many people in need of help. There are not enough healers to go around.

     That's why we need to train at least one person in every family to be a holistic faith healer.

     People are spending unimaginable thousands of dollars every year on medical care. They are enduring much pain and suffering. Family members are taking time out to care for them and comfort them.

     What is needed are healers who can apply human energy correctly to correct the problem.

     It is well known that human energy heals. This is part of the alternative health movement.

     There are many health problems that can be arrested and corrected if human energy is correctly applied at the first sign of a symptom.

     Medical care that is now known as allopathy came on the scene 2,500 years ago. It helped people then, and can help people today.

     You can learn how to help your doctor help your body to heal.

     While many animals - even great and powerful beasts like dinosaurs - have died out, humans have survived to walk the earth for hundreds of thousands of years.

     In the beginning, humans had to rely on faith, holistic, alternative, or prayer healing. We did not have radiation, chemo, penicillin, or sulfa drugs, yet somehow humanity survived. All we had to work with was our mind and human body radiation.

     Our ancestors were able to use their minds to direct human energy through mental picturing, visualizing the problem and imagining the solution. I'm sure that sounds familiar to Silva graduates.

     In our various mind training seminars, we only touch on the concept of using visualization and imagination at the alpha level for healing. There is so much more that you can learn - so many things that we learned during 22 years of research.

     You can learn how to use the correct level of mind - the alpha level - and the correct techniques - the Silva holistic faith healing techniques - to direct your human energy for the correction of health problems.

     We are talking about going beyond mental projection at a distance. We are talking about using more than mind alone. We are talking about using the mind in conjunction with the body's radiating energy to correct abnormalities in another human being.

     Even though these are natural human abilities, a holistic faith healer must play it safe by knowing what to do and what not to do. While the mind cannot cause harm, our physical energies can influence people in both positive and negative ways.

     The Silva holistic faith healing techniques have been designed to help people whenever they are applied by a properly trained certified healer.

     There are laws that prohibit persons from healing without a license. These are intended to prevent harm, and thus have a good purpose. They do not prohibit individuals from practicing holistic faith healing, providing certain conditions are met.

     In the area of objective healing, states have established that a practitioner should be licensed. To qualify for a license, they should be trained to heal with the use of objective medicine by a properly established school.

     Holistic faith healing does not use objective medicine. It uses subjective means to heal. Prayer is one example of subjective medicine. So far as we know, states do not require licenses for subjective medicine practitioners, though they may in the future.

     But many states require some form of accountability. That is, practitioners must be trained and certified by some entity, such as a church or a holistic faith healing certification program, in order to practice holistic faith healing.

     The Ecumenical Society of Psychorientology was chartered in 1975 for that purpose. Its goals include researching, and teaching holistic faith healing - alternative, or subjective, medicine.

     The Ecumenical Society certifies holistic faith healers.

     If someone in your family is ill and suffering now, it is vital that you learn to help them with the Silva holistic faith healing techniques.

     If everyone in your family is healthy now, it is essential that you learn right now how to use the Silva holistic faith healing techniques so that you will be prepared at the first sign of trouble, and can head off any major problems.

     It only takes a weekend, and a few hundred dollars. Then you will be prepared to help yourself, your loved ones, and anyone who seeks your help.

     With good health and vitality and energy, a person can be productive and contribute to the well-being of his or her family, and will enjoy life to the fullest.

     Just imagine how this can help you and your loved ones have a happy, fulfilling life full of successes and accomplishments.

     Please let us know if you are interested in having this training presented in your area. Thank you.

     Yours in Service
     Jose Silva

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