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Your natural healing ability

Lerning to function at the theta level

by Jose Luis Romero

     You have the ability to heal yourself. Your body knows how to correct health problems: It can correct illness, repair injury, recover from hard workouts, and accelerate the process of getting into shape.
     If you cut your finger, your body knows what to do to cause the cells to grow back together again.
     Your body has resources to fight most illnesses.
     You've surely known people who can get into shape faster than most people, who seldom get sick and when they do they recover quickly.
     This is possible because they have access to their body's resources, and can speed up the normal processes.
     Let me say right here that I am not advocating that you try to do it all on your own. Quite the contrary: You should always work under a doctor's supervision.
     Jose Silva, founder of the world's Number 1 mind development system, used to say that doctors don't cure, medicines don't heal. But they create an environment where healing can take place.
     His long time friend Dr. J.W. Hahn used to say that doctors can keep you alive long enough so that your body has time to heal itself.
     So how can you gain access to your body's natural healing systems? How can you accelerate healing, gain more benefits from your workouts, and recover from workouts more quickly?
     Your brain is in charge of everything that happens in your body, so if you can direct the appropriate parts of your brain, you can speed up the healing process.
     Biological intelligence is rooted at the theta brain wave level. That level is usually associated with sleep, and with hypnosis when it is used to control pain, such as for painless dentistry, surgery, childbirth, and so forth.
     You can learn to enter the theta brain wave level with conscious awareness - without falling asleep. Taking one of the Silva courses is one way. Here is another way that was developed by a hypnotist, Dr. Milton Ericson:

Hand Levitation to enter the theta level
     Find a time and a place where you won't be disturbed for an hour or so. Sit upright in a chair, feet on the floor, hands in your lap. You are going to concentrate until you are totally and completely bored, so that your "rational" mind - and the beta part of your brain - loses interest and lets the theta take over.
     You do this by staring at your dominant hand, your stronger hand. If you are right handed, that is your right hand. Stare at it, and use your imagination to imagine it getting sensitive, very sensitive. Imagine that your fingers move, twitch, and then separate from one another. Imagine that your hand becomes so light that it begins to lift up off your lap all by itself.
     While you continue to stare at your hand, you do not need to focus on it in great detail. It is more like a "daydreaming" state. You continue to watch your hand, while you use your imagination to "daydream" about your hand coming up off your lap. It may feel as though a balloon is lifting it.
     You may need to help it get started, then let it continue to come up all by itself. Once your hand starts to rise, keep it moving up towards your face, until the back of your hand touches your face. At that time, close your eyes, take a deep breath and as you exhale, relax and let your hand return to its rest position on your lap. At that time you are ready to program yourself.
     If you have a health problem to correct, then think of the health problem and what you are doing to correct it, and imagine the correction taking place, until you are completely healthy.
     You can program to have a superior workout. Imagine yourself starting your workout, and "daydream" your way through the complete workout. Make sure it ends the way you want it to.
     When your hand begins to come up all by itself, it may surprise you. Actually, it is not coming up all by itself. You are still doing it -- but you are doing it with your imagination. It is not your normal "conscious" effort, but more like a "subconscious" command. It is what Jose Silva called the inner conscious level.
     The more you practice hand levitation, the easier it will be for you to use the theta level to correct problems and to reach your goals.
     When you activate your mind to begin programming, your brain will speed up, out of theta. It is important that you remain relaxed, so that your brain will remain at the alpha brain wave level, and not speed up all the way back to beta, full outer conscious functioning. Your programming at alpha will be effective at theta. But from the rapid beta brain wave level, you are too far from theta to be effective.

Originally published in New Living Magazine

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